Simon Szarkiewicz

Simon is one of the first managers at Kor Structural that our new hires turn to for training and learning how to set up and coordinate projects. He has more than 15 years’ experience with residential, commercial, and industrial projects and is proficient in using a variety of materials with a specialty in concrete and tilt-up panel projects. Simon is valued among his colleagues and clients for his depth of knowledge and ability to inspire teams. He is recognized in the office as a mentor for several junior staff and a technical resource who consistently delivers exceptional service.

Notable projects that Simon has worked on include the Golden Ears Business Park in Pitt Meadows BC, Hensley Market Tower in Coquitlam BC, Transit Village in Surrey BC, and Musqueam Block F Parcel A in the University Endowment Lands.

Simon joined our firm in 2006, was made a Principal in 2013, and took on the role as the Senior Structural CAD Manager in 2020.