Our Team

We invest in our people.

At Kor Structural, we don’t aim to the biggest in our field – we aim to be the best by attracting and retaining first class talent and being a centre of excellence for structural engineering.

Kor is a dynamic team of highly experienced professionals and skilled young talent. Now 40-plus people strong, with expertise in multiple sectors including engineering, drafting, construction oversight, IT, operations and specializations such as earthquake engineering, the company continues to grow.


Our company is founded on shared values:

  • Client-oriented collaborative partners
  • Responsive and timely team players
  • Diligent and creative problem-solvers


The original partnership was founded in 1998, and has since grown into a dynamic company of more than 40 professionals.

The founder of the original partnership, John Bryson, is an industry veteran and a widely respected authority as a structural engineer. As a pioneer, John became widely acknowledged within the engineering community to be one of the most influential structural engineering designers of his time.

John continues to play a role as Senior Management Advisor, and as a Specialist Advisor.


Senior Structural Engineer

John A. Markulin, Managing Principal

Senior Structural Engineer

Jim DesRoches

Senior Structural Engineer

Kevin Wurmlinger

Senior Structural Engineer

Jeremy Atkinson

Senior Structural Engineer

Rory Beirne

Senior Structural Engineer

Mark Bakhtavar

Senior Structural BIM Manager

Michael Li

Senior Structural Designer

Jason Stuart

Senior Structural Drafting Manager

Simon Szarkiewicz

Management Advisor & Senior Structural Consultant

John Bryson

Finance/Office Manager

Chelsea Armstrong


Senior Structural Construction Manager

Vlado Goltes

Structural BIM Technologist

Tim Verkerk

Senior Structural BIM Technologist

Stephanie Zheng

Structural BIM Technologist

Serban Acosti

Structural EIT

Sahil Goyal

Structural Designer

Sadi Ghaffari

Senior Structural Engineer, P.Eng

Omar Alcazar Pastrana

Structural CAD Technologist

Nelson Yu

Senior Structural BIM Technologist

Michael Mousa

Senior Structural BIM Technologist

Lindsay Finnigan

Reception/Administrative Services

Linda Kassendy

Structural Construction Inspector

Ken Rodgers

Structural EIT

Kate Reid

Internal Systems Manager

Ian Lalonde

Structural Engineer, P.Eng

Henry Xu

Structural Engineer, P.Eng

Griffin Dow

Finance/Administrative Services

Daler Singh

Senior Structural Designer, P.L.Eng.

Conor Murtagh

Senior Structural CAD Technologist

Chris Ford

Structural Engineer, P.Eng

Andrea Neuviale

Structural EIT

Alireza Eksir Monfared