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Kor Structural is honored to be part of the Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia’s Accredited Employer Program, showcasing our commitment to attracting and retaining top-tier talent while optimizing the processing and assessment of applicants seeking professional registration.

Within this program, structural engineering firms employing engineers-in-training (EITs) collaborate with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia to provide work environments that facilitate the fulfillment of experience requirements for EITs applying for their professional engineer (P.Eng.) designation. As part of our dedication to professional development, Kor Structural maintains tailored EIT training programs for our team members ensuring they gain the well-rounded experience and competencies needed to become excellent engineers. EITs at Kor Structural benefit from enhanced guidance to acquire the necessary competencies for registration. They experience an expedited review and registration process after accumulating four years of work experience, given they have successfully completed the Professional Practice Exam (PPE) and fulfilled the Law and Ethic requirements stipulated by Engineers and Geoscientists BC. This proactive approach positions them as strong candidates to qualify as P.Eng. professionals.

Kor Structural is dedicated to the professional growth of every team member, regardless of their role as an engineer, drafter, or administrator. Our commitment extends to mentorship within the company and ongoing support for learning opportunities beyond the office, encompassing courses, conferences, exam preparation, and membership in professional organizations.

Recognizing that individual paths vary, at Kor Structural, you are empowered to shape a professional development plan aligned with your role and career aspirations, and we strive to assist you in achieving your next career milestone. We provide a conducive work environment ensuring that team members can meet their career goals.

Intermediate to Senior Structural BIM Technician

We are looking for a full-time Intermediate to Senior Structural BIM Technician. Responsibilities include preparing structural drawings and 3D models, assisting engineers with the layout of structures, and coordinating drawings with other consultants.