Our Services

We do things in a structured way.

Structured Engineering is a purposeful marriage of creative design with efficient solutions, rigorous discipline and applied engineering principles and Codes.

Structured Engineering means structured systems. At Kor, integrated engineering, drafting and construction teams embrace agile workflow processes. Our efficient design solutions are creative, compliant, and economical.

Kor is constantly striving to improve efficiency and add value to clients.

Our aim is to do great work, and be easy to work with.

Kor is committed to upholding the highest quality management standards, operating systems and Code compliance, as guided by authorities such as the EGBC (Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia).

– Jim DesRoches, Managing Principal
  • Design of high-rise reinforced concrete structures
  • Performance Based Structural Analysis and Design
  • Ability to analyze and design unique and complex structural systems in a wide range of building materials, including: reinforced concrete, structural steel, wood-frame and heavy timber construction, and masonry
  • Dedicated wood-frame design department

Gold Standard Operating Systems and Organizational Quality Management

As part of our commitment to delivering excellent service to our clients we have developed and follow gold standard operating systems with clear policies and procedures that drive efficiency for all our projects.

Our rigorous quality control practice follows the requirements for professional practice quality management set out in the EGBC Quality Management (OQM) Program and includes an Independent Engineering Check of all our structural designs by a professional engineer who was not involved in any aspects of the original design.

  • Established Organization Quality Management Policy structured from the EGBC Quality Management and Professional Practice Guidelines
  • Standardized Policies and procedures, and well defined and regularly monitored project workflow with rigorous quality control at all stages of Design Development and Construction Review
  • We promote consistency, efficiency, and continual improvement in our work methods


We look ahead to ensure that we are prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Technology is a critical enabler and we employ both legacy and leading-edge industry software and technology to meet your needs. We use both AutoCAD and Revit/BIM, amongst others, to develop our construction documents and coordinate with design teams. To our clients, that means faster calculations, improved accuracy, and real-time communication and collaboration.

  • We utilize state of the art engineering design and drafting tools to develop and document our structural designs:
    • 3D Seismic Analysis tools (ETABS, PERFORM3D)
    • Finite Element Slab Design tools (RAM Concept, SAFE)
    • Space Frame structural analysis tools (STAAD, SAAP, RAM Steel)
    • Building information Modelling (BIM)
    • 3D & 2D Drafting software tools (REVIT, A360, AutoCAD)
  • Developed an internal Communication and Collaboration computer dashboard, which provides all staff with the tools they need to execute their work.
  • Dedicated IT Department with Internal Systems Manager focused on consistency, efficiency, and continual improvement of our systems and methods.