Striking modern architecture with dramatic details


Vancouver, BC







The 43-storey Residential Tower stands apart with staggered balconies, unique framing and an iconic entry canopy.

Located in the heart of Coquitlam the distinctive floorplate and framing designed by CDA and built by Polygon separates itself from the surrounding towers. These distinguishing features provide generous decks for outdoor living on residential levels while an impressive over height grand lobby was created below through extensive and iterative planning and design.

Notable KOR Structural Solutions

  • The tower integrates the desired mix for housing, amenities, green space, commercial and retail all in one tower.
  • The residential units from level 6 to 40 consist of staggered balconies with various unit types that are satisfied with the same structural support locations eliminating the need of structural load offsets and transfers.
  • The tower columns are then transferred at level 5 to allow for amenity space, parking and townhomes to be created without conflicting with the structural support system.
  • An impressive over height grand lobby is created below level 5 outlined by four structural columns which span the 5 floors without any lateral support.
  • An iconic double tier entrance canopy is hung off these columns eliminating the need for any vertical supports.

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