Rockridge Canyon Clubhouse

Theatre, multi-use rooms, activity centre


Princeton, BC




CEI Architecture

Situated within the breathtaking landscape of Princeton, B.C., The Rock is a performing arts space designed to enrich the experience of Canadian youth. This innovative facility boasts a 300-seat theatre, complemented by expansive lobby areas and lower-level classroom spaces.

Embracing versatility, The Rock features a flexible design that accommodates various performance types and activities, facilitated by movable seating arrangements. Reflecting its natural surroundings, the clubhouse design seamlessly integrates with the picturesque environment, with the main lobby offering captivating views of the man-made lake and surrounding scenery, while welcoming abundant natural light into the space. Throughout the design, expressive wood elements, including columns, beams, and acoustic panels pay homage to the camplike aesthetic that the client valued.

Kor Structural provided structural design services for the project which included concrete walls and suspended slabs on the partially daylit basement, and a combination of steel and wood framing for the floor and roof above.

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