Port Coquitlam Recreation Centre

$130MM project spanning 375,800 square feet


Port Coquitlam, BC







The Port Coquitlam Community Centre (Poco Rec Centre) is a $130MM project spanning 375,800 square feet which emerged as a collaboration between Ventana, Architecture49, Kor Structural, and the City of Port Coquitlam. As a fast-track design-build endeavor, the complex integrates the Terry Fox Library, Wilson Lounge, three arenas, aquatic center, fitness center, gymnasium, and more. The project team’s commitment to meeting the City's budget criteria while delivering on a comprehensive scope underscores the success of this transformative project, setting a new standard for community-centric infrastructure development.

Structural features of the project include long-span glulam beams and long-span steel trusses to provide expansive recreational space. The Glulam beams frame into wood V-columns with integrated steel bracing, making the most of both materials. Due to poor soil conditions, the foundation is supported on piles. Due to their expense, Kor spent considerable time working with the Contractor to optimize the pile layout to meet geotechnical, strucutral, and budgetary constraints.

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