Three tower rental project with a city park in the heart of Central Lonsdale


North Vancouver, BC




Bingham Hill Architects


Cressey Developments

Conceived as a singular mass that was pulled apart into 3 individual forms, the three buildings retain connection to their adjacent counterparts by bridge elements. The resultant site massing provides space for a City park development at the site’s north-east quadrant.

Dynamic amenity spaces, including a bridge with large indoor multi-function spaces and accompanying outdoor rooftop amenity space, are available for resident use. These areas are emphasized through the architectural massing and materiality, heavily contributing to the overall project aesthetic. Public passageways at ground level and highly glazed areas of amenity activity create an activated streetscape for the enjoyment of residents and the public alike.

International Hotel & Tower

Parkside at Waterfront

The Grande San Diego

564 Beatty Street