John Bryson

Over the past 45 years as a structural engineer, John Bryson is recognized in the construction industry for his influential roles in creative structural engineering and cost-effective design.

He has designed hundreds of projects around the world including more than 200 high-rise residential buildings; 30 high-rise office buildings; 120 commercial and shopping centre type buildings; 150 wood-framed residential buildings; and more than 80 seismic upgrading projects.

John is also responsible for the structural design of several projects in the Western United States and Mexico, including several high-rise residential projects in San Diego, California, ranging in height from 25 to 50-storeys. John has also made seismic assessments of several buildings for the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, Seoul, and New Delhi.

Clients appreciate John’s relentless commitment to premium client service and his focus to seek out innovative solutions to make marginal projects financially viable.