Jeremy Atkinson

Strong technical knowledge and interest in seismic design has established Jeremy as a technical leader at Kor where he has developed our in-house tools, software, and procedures. He is often called upon to advise on challenging projects, where he leverages his experience with conventional design and performance-based design to come up with practical solutions using rigorous nonlinear analysis techniques for peer review by world class experts on seismic design.

Shortly after completing his Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia, Jeremy joined our team as a project engineer in 2015 and has worked on over 40 residential and commercial high-rise projects in Canada and the United States, including the performance-based seismic design of multiple high-rises in Southern California.

He became a P.Eng. in 2018 and was made a Principal in 2020. He is licensed to practice in British Columbia and California (Civil).